The majority of this page has been moved:

My Movie Theater / Bedroom!

180 gallon tank

My cat:

My house was completely remodeled, my vision was a medieval loft appearance!  So it is very wide open, just how I like it!


View from standing in my kitchen (you can see my aquarium in the distance!):


This is my garage!  It is a black light garage!



For those of you who are wondering, my car is a BMW 335XI coupe.

Here is a Youtube Video of my car in action! (I am the driver in the video, my friend Andre is video taping it!)


*We had a halloween party in my garage and there are still halloween decorations still up!




Yes that is a king Arthur tapestry on the wall there in my living room!


The Floor you see here is 3/4 inch solid hardwood, Asian walnut.

And it is not stained, it is dyed red!  Best floor I have ever seen, and it is in my own home!

180 gallon freshwater in-wall aquarium.  100% starphire glass.




That's all for now, perhaps I will add more later!  Wait until you see my basement!